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Wednesday, July 5th - Friday, August 11th

 Taking full advantage of all that New York City has to offer...

The Cooke Center Summer Academy (CCSA) is a six-week summer program for special education students designed to reinforce the academic and social skills that were developedin the classrooms during the school year. Students participate in a small group, multi-sensory, thematic-based learning environment with integrated related services including speech and language therapy, counseling, and occupational therapy. Students are grouped based on differentiated learning profiles and are assessed continuously throughout the six-week program.

 Cooke Center Summar Academy students

The program is divided into two, three-week thematic sessions. Themes are designed to offer students in depth, individualized literacy and problem solving instruction in a fun, engaging, and academically appropriate environment. Students engage in academic instruction that focuses on the following core content areas and skills: decoding and word study, reading comprehension, writing workshop, thematic content study, and mathematical problem solving.  Community inclusion opportunities complement academic themes by providing students with experiences in their local community settings. Travel Training, Community Service projects, and Off-Site Education activities are integrated into the weekly schedule in order to maximize students’ experiences in the community.


Grammar School Students
SITE: Grammar School
(219 Stanton Street)
  • Academics are provided in small groupsfocusing on literacy skills and mathematical problem solving within thematic curricular units
  • Related Services and Recreational Activities (e.g. music, art, movement, etc.)
    are integrated throughout the summer program

  • Weekly Off-Site Educational experiences reinforce thematic units and take advantage of NYC resources!



Academy Students
(including graduating 8th graders)
(60 MacDougal Street)
  • Academics are provided in small groups reinforcing
    literacy skills and mathematical
    problem solving within thematic curricular units (including digital literacy, movement,
    and art.)

  • Related Services are integrated throughout the day

  • Recreational Activities, Vocational and Community Service Opportunities are built into the summer program  

  • Weekly Off-Site Educational experiences include travel training instruction and reinforce thematic units studied!
(including graduating 12th graders)
(254 West 29th Street)
  • Academic periods reinforce
    literacy and math as it relates
    to work skills and preparation
    for internships

  • Vocational Opportunities include
    CIT experiences, office internships,
    and community service placements

  • Integrated Related Services

  • Recreational Activities include
    community electives

  • In addition to Off-Site Educational
    trips, students participate in travel
    training experiences and leisure


All inquiries may be directed to Rachel Munz (Grades K-8), Beth Sullivan (Grades 9-12), and Jennifer Dinney (SKILLs) at
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