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Access Project

Cooke Center Institute Corporate Workshop Series

All parents have questions about their children's development. To address these concerns, Cooke Center Institute’s ACCESS Project offers free seminars on parenting and child development topics, directly in the offices of our corporate partners and friends.

Parent and childACCESS Project presentations provide information to employees of our partner organizations about a number of topics of interest to parents, such as the stages of child development and special needs issues.  Presentations are led by our own staff members, who are experts in child development, and who have years of experience working with children of various age groups.

Our staff visit the office location, typically during lunchtime, prepared with presentation materials and takeaways.  Following each workshop, presenters remain available for individual questions, and can also be contacted later should other questions arise.


Workshop topics include:

  • Ages and Stages of Language Development: Birth through Middle School
  • Asperger's and the Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Overview
  • Learning Disorders in Children and Adolescents
  • ADHD: The Attention Deficit Disorders
  • The Development Stages of Young Children's Play: What Children Learn When They Are Just Playing
  • Sensory Integration: How the Senses Influence Learning and Behavior


Employees can be polled to see which topics interest them, or employers can trust that any of the ones listed above will draw an interested audience.    Our staff can also develop presentations on topics that are not listed here. 

By providing these seminars and follow-up resources to employees during the workday, corporations help their employees meet the challenges of raising children in this complex and sometimes confusing world.


For more information about bringing a Cooke Center Institute ACCESS Project workshop to your office, corporate partners should contact Cooke Center Institute Director Aliza Kushner at (212) 280-4473 x21 or

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